Allow me the pleasure of introducing myself, I’m Violet but my friends and lovers call me Vi; an out going and bubbly companion with a voluptuous body that will make your mind race, and your hands wander

I am a vivacious woman, with a quirky sense of humour, a warm presence, and a contagious smile of pure West Australian sunshine. I’m passionate and seductive, bubbly but fiery, unapologetically myself – but also romantic, attentive and compassionate. Equal parts naughty, equal parts wholesome, creating the perfect combination of sexy and cute

My courtship is suited to those who flourish in intimacy as well as pleasure; whom are wanting to spend quality time with an incredibly vivacious and exceptionally curvaceous woman; that thrives in passion and from time to time- loves to delve the line between pleasure and pain

I am a hedonistic sensualist, with a profound belief in the art of seduction and a wicked eagerness to please. Sexuality is something that naturally comes to me and radiates from me; which gives me a talent for not only adapting to your needs but also understanding your deepest desires, bringing them to the surface, and encapsulating them into an entire orgasmic and unreal experience  

I genuinely enjoy what I do, have done it for a long time in many different areas; and am now a refined and versatile lover with years of expertise and life experience under my belt- which can be a breath of fresh air in these type of arrangements; Anyone can fuck, but not everyone can truly seduce your mind, your body, and your soul, that’s something that comes with skill and understanding

Looking for something a little more? I also adore spending time outside of the bedroom just as much as in, and love being able to get to know every inch of each other, not just physically, but also on a more so personal level. I relish in companionship just as much as I do in pleasure

Vi xxx

Violet More Intimately

I grew up in country Western Australia and moved to the city, Perth, in my teens where I was able to really flourish as myself. As much as I loved country living, being alternative in not just interests and looks but also beliefs and mind set, is not as well received

I entered the adult industry as a cam girl in February 2017, and very quickly fell in love with the industry as a whole; It wasn’t long before I had added stripping, full service and porn on to my resume. Then I found one of my biggest loves in life- BDSM. I devoted my whole life to kink, professionally and personally, until an injury in late 2019 which caused me to have to give it up for quite some time, and I’m only just wading my way back in now

I moved to the big smoke of Melbourne in 2019, and have created a love-hate relationship with it, and plan to move back to WA in the near future

I have always been incredibly transparent about my struggles with mental health, as well as my diagnosis of ADHD and autism, and it’s something that I pride myself on- being human. I also pride myself on being a neurodivergent companion who can provides not only a safe space for other neurodivergent people but also true understanding and acceptance- with no masking!

I am incredibly ambitious and creative with some type on side hustle or new hobby on the go

For me I enjoy people, and everything that comes with them, and that’s why this will never be a “job” for me, and one I wont ever leave (trust me, I tried)

I lived a pretty damn fast life in my early 20s, and now enjoy the quieter more wholesome things in life now, like an early night in with my cat Louis, and two dogs, Tommy and Adelaide instead of a night out clubbing

Age: 28

Height: 171cm

Cup Size: E-F, natural and pierced

Dress Size: 13

Body type: Intoxicatingly curvy

Ethnicity: mixed

DOB & Star Sign: 13th April, Aries


Just like in the bedroom, I have a very wide range of interests. I enjoy the usual things you would suspect like music, tattoos, art, film, travelling- but I also have a couple niche interests like true crime, anthropology, and psychology

I like to be busy and creative, so I’m always doing some big project like rebushing furniture or a little night time hobby like paint by number

I hold spirituality, wellness and personal growth very highly and believe that there is a big correlation between sexology and wellness, and take a big holistic approach to sex and relationships

I am also a keen advocate for a lot of social issues I regard important like sex worker, women’s and animal rights

Vi’s Favourites

Cuisine: Japanese and French

Flowers: Roses

Movies: Kill Bill, Memoirs of a Geisha

Perfume: Chanel Mademoiselle, Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Relaxation: Peninsula Hot Springs, Alba

Hotels: Ritz-Carlton

Restaurants: Pilgrim Bar, Smith and Daughters, Society, Reine & La Rue

Wine: Umberto Luigi Domenico Prosecco

Cocktail: Amaretto Sour