Welcome back, Miss V!

Hello to all!

What an absolute crazy ride it’s been; my 6 month hiatus turned into a year, and a year turned into 2- and what a big 2 years it was for me!

The immense amounts of growth, change, softness and maturity I have found has been so humbling, the lessons I’ve learnt, and taught, the roads I’ve travelled, the happiness and contentment I have now, not only as a person, but also as a provider-

You’ll notice as you flip through the pages of this website that although it’s still me, there’s a very different feel

It feels familiar… But somehow more refined, more intimate, more real…

I urge you to come explore me, get to know me again, reintroduce yourself, rekindle an old spark or create a new one

I can not wait to see you all again- the new and improved Violet, same crass mouth, aged like fine wine, just with a bigger rack

Welcoming new and returning lovers

so much love and light

Vi xxx


– I am no longer vegan / no longer have a restrictive diet, so lots more options when we dine out

– I still have a small zoo, consisting of King Louis, Tommy and Adelaide ? you may even cross their paths if you’re lucky enough

– I no longer have a set service list and have now opted for a more genuine and intimate experience with no constraints, geared towards companionship as well as pleasure

– same email, new number! Please see my contact page

– If you didn’t get the memo- my tits are now naturally, HUGE!

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